Our brands

BERGNER is composed from differentiated brands designed to meet the consumer needs, adapting our products to different lifestyles and different audiences.

Affordable Luxury

Bergner's priorities are to offer attractive, innovative collections and to constantly improve their Austrian standards of quality.

Since 1999, Bergner has been supplying the whole world with Europe's most complete kitchenware solution. Over the years, innovation and the brand have progressed hand in hand, but Bergner's essence remains the same and can be summed up in the concepts which define each of its collections: quality, innovation, practicality and sustainability.

It is Bergner's priority to offer attractive, innovative collections to a wide range of customers, at a time and place which most suits their needs. Bergner's designers are able to respond quickly to their demands and comments and incorporate new ideas into the collections.

As well as creating attractive, innovative collections, Bergner endeavours to improve its quality standards and strengthen its commitment to sustainability and responsibility to society and the environment by supporting an ecological and sustainable lifestyle.

At the forefront of professionalism

At Masterpro, we are led by our desire to improve. For this reason we are constantly increasing our knowledge through research, study and experience. This attitude of continuous improvement is possible thanks to the professionalism and meticulousness with which Masterpro faces the challenge of taking professional cuisine into foodies' homes.

Masterpro applies the most professional production processes, while taking care of the design and manufacturing in order to comply with the most demanding quality standards, and paying the closest possible attention to detail, thus bringing a real change to the world of cooking.

We believe that, through cooking, we have the opportunity to change lives. We are passionate about helping foodies make a difference in their kitchens, in their lives and in the world. This is why we strive to conceive a new generation of products which are destined to empower their skills.

Fashion in your kitchen

The Infinity Chefs brand has a fresh, trendy look, takes its inspiration from a healthy lifestyle and brings the latest design trends into the kitchen.

It recognizes fashion as a way of life and a way of understanding our surroundings and therefore offers collections which combine contemporary concepts with other more timeless ones. The success of Infinity Chefs is based on a tremendous capacity to recognise and digest continuous changes in fashion.

The design and manufacturing of the Infinity Chefs collections comply with the most demanding quality standards and pay the closest possible attention to detail.

The Infinity Chefs Vita Project contributes a percentage of its product sales to the fight against breast cancer through EUROPA DONNA - The European Breast Cancer Coalition.

Cooking for the family

For over 70 years, innovation, quality and respect for the environment have been San Ignacio's key values, offering maximum quality in its products.

In 1944, in the town of Oñate in northern Spain, a young entrepreneur, Ignacio Emparanza Gaztañaga, founded a company called Esmaltaciones San Ignacio, now known as San Ignacio.

Much more than just kitchenware, San Ignacio is a balanced lifestyle which accompanies and promotes the Mediterranean diet through recipes and cooking techniques to help you live a happy, healthy life on a daily basis.

For this new era, San Ignacio has undergone a thorough digital transformation, consolidating its presence in Internet and the Social Networks and participating proactively in the changes which are taking place in this increasingly globalized world.

Smart living

Personal appliances & electronics for smarter living

Introducing the first brand to create the incredible, stir up joy and elevate expectations. Our brand 

Swiss Home has reimagined what a home can be. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we offer products with superior performance that enhances everything you do to a design that elevates the look, it marks the beginning of a new era for smart homes.

Reliable and advanced technology products to ensure and optimal experience.


Luxopal is a brand that combines the latest trends with its values of resistance and simplicity, thus achieving the most aesthetic presentation for your table.

Luxopal crockery is made in opal to offer superior resistance and quality, while conserving the aesthetic luminosity for which brand is known.

The brand, which is in a process of continuous improvement with regard to its design and quality, offers its customers the best opal collections on the market.

For a happy life

As a brand, Renberg offers the best relation between price and quality, which allows many consumers to afford a wide range of useful products for daily use, covering everything our clients could need. 

One of Renberg's strongest values is to offer a high quality product at a very good price.

Its products are always useful and essential, and they all have a clearly modern design, which takes care of the quality and appearance and creates a unique atmosphere for our daily tasks.

The brand, which is in a process of continuous improvement with regard to its design and quality, offers its customers the most useful and essential products, with a clearly modern design, which takes care of the quality and creates a unique atmosphere for our daily tasks within the home.

Working in the home industry for many years, we see the value that beautifully designed homeware can bring

Working in the home industry for many years, we see the value that beautifully designed homeware can bring.

Having already established a portfolio of renowned brands for Kitchenware, the next step in the company’s lifestyle-based product evolution was to expand into the Living Room, Bed Room and Bathroom.

La Maison is a fusion of modernism and classicalism in products and designs, providing solutions for any home. Our goal to provide affordable luxury continues.

We transform the world of fashion into affordable home-ware. We believe that one can tell a lot about a person with the design and details of their living space, and hence strive to create the most up to date and fashionable as well as luxurious goods for your Bedroom, Bathroom and Living Room to make your home a beautifully presentable image of yourself.


The Protenrop brand has been present in the International Market for over 40 years and manufactures innovative, high quality products for daily use.

For shopping trolleys, buckets, drying and ironing solutions, bathroom and home storage articles alike, Protenrop designs, innovates and manufactures to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumer.