The baking (r)evolution! A wealth of manufacturing expertise based on our experience as well as high-quality products form the basis for a unique product portfolio. Our extensive range of baking pans, trays and accessories help you navigate through everything from simple muffin recipes to complicated cake creations.

Fully non-stick carbon steel molds for your baking recipes. All the sizes and shapes necessary to make souffl├ęs, delicious lasagna or the sweetest of desserts, such as apple pies or brownies.

Practical, durable and extremely versatile material. Perfect to serve directly in your table.

Borosilicate glass with a traditional design which takes us back to our origins. Thanks to the borosilicate, our bakeware is apt for both oven and microwave use, and the material is also specially treated for safe storage in the fridge. Its extraordinary durability makes it possible to stack them and its transparent finish makes them easy to clean.

Light, flexible, non-stick and easy to use.