Bergner Europe
at the forefront of
innovation in cookware

Bergner collaborates with chefs, culinary centers and research and industrial design institutes to create a portfolio of innovative products of exceptional quality.

Coatings and
Non-stick surfaces

Bergner coatings are developed on the basis of three fundamental principles:

  • Non-stick: food will not stick to the bottom and this avoids the generation of toxic substances
  • Healthy lifestyle habits: it is not necessary to use fat of oril, which guarantees a regular, more healthy diet
  • Product protection
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Heating technology

The Bergner products incorporate the latest and most innovative heat diffusion techniques, which allow

  • Energy efficency
  • Even heat distribution
  • Minimization of the cooking time and the energy cost of each recipe


Bergner is a brand which includes different materials.

Bergner's history has always been linked to technical innovation and the discovery, development and implementation of new materials in our collections to be always at the forefront of technical innovation

Choosing the right cooking partner starts with material election. Each material is unique due to their specific properties and in Bergner we have them all for you.