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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel is an exceptionally durable material that is virtually impossible to wear. Bonded with an aluminium capsuled bottom, it boasts satisfying heat conductivity.

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FOODIES — Foodies, the best foodsion for your kitchen!

Masterpro presents the Foodies collection. Foodies is a collection which will bring out the professional chef in you and help you to experiment in the kitchen.

The fashion of cooking for pleasure. Masterpro gives all home chefs who need more professional products with different technical specifications the opportunity to explore their creativity. Amateurs all over the world were crying out for a collection to satisfy their expectations, and with Masterpro Foodies we bring you a collection which gives you the opportunity to feel just like a real chef.

Foodies is famous for its professional, elegant look. The contrast between jet black and stainless steel add a serious, professional touch to your kitchen. The collection combines this elegant look with the latest technological innovation so that you can find yourself in a kitchen without limits, thanks to Masterpro, your best possible ally. Create, feel and experiment in the kitchen with Foodies!

Foodies is really complete collection offering a range of small electric appliances to equip your kitchen as you always wanted to, a wide range of smart gadgets, from torch lighters to whipped cream dispensers; a wide range of pans featuring the latest technological advances in induction technology; and a high-performance knives collection.

The fish pan and grill plate feature the latest innovation in induction, the “Full Brazing Technology” which consists of a perfectly welded triple layer of forged aluminium on the surface, pure aluminium in the centre and a plate of stainless steel which completely covers the base of each pan. Cooking times are reduced by 34% in comparison to traditional induction pans.

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